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Mashed Potato Time: 2021 In Memoriam

Today's show celebrates those great artists we lost in 2021:

Lloyd Price & His Orchestra - "Tell Me Pretty Baby" (1953) — R.I.P. Lloyd Price, singer-songwriter, record executive and bandleader

Willie Cobbs - "Kiss Me One More Time" (1964) — R.I.P. Willie Cobbs, singer, harmonica player and songwriter

Spooner's Crowd - "Two in the Morning" (1966) — R.I.P. Roger Hawkins, drummer for Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

The Marvelettes - "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" (1966) — R.I.P. Wanda Young, singer

Lonnie Smith - "Can't You Just Feel It" (1967) — R.I.P. Dr Lonnie Smith, keyboardist and record label owner

Gene Summers & His Rebels - "Nervous" (1958) — R.I.P. Gene Summers, singer-songwriter and guitarist

Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys - "Ganroku Hanami Odori" (1967) — R.I.P. Takeshi Terauchi, Japanese guitarist

Sanford Clark - "Ooo Baby" (1956) — R.I.P. Sanford Clark, singer

Maddox Brothers and Rose - "New Step It Up and Go" (1951) — R.I.P. Don Maddox, fiddler and singer

Little Richard - "Keep a Knockin'" (1957) — R.I.P. Charles Connor, drummer for Little Richard's band

The Kingsmen - "Mashed Potatoes" (1963) — R.I.P. Mike Mitchell, lead guitarist

Lee Perry - "Wishes Of The Wicked" (1965) — R.I.P. Lee "Scratch" Perry, Jamaican songwriter, musician, producer

Chubby & The Turnpikes - "I Know the Inside Story" (1967) — R.I.P. Ralph Tavares, singer

Staple Singers - "We've Got To Get Ourselves Together" (1968) — R.I.P. Pervis Staples, singer & co-founder

The Supremes - "Baby Don't Go" (1962) — R.I.P. Mary Wilson, singer

The Harptones feat. Willie Winfield - "High Flyin' Baby" (1956) — R.I.P. Willie Winfield, singer

The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band - "Giggin' Down 103rd" (1968) — R.I.P. Melvin Dunlap, bass player

Margo Guryan - "Sunday Mornin'" (1968) — R.I.P. Margo Guryan, singer-songwriter

Four Tops - "Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me" (1969) — R.I.P. Johnny Trudell, trumpeter for Motown

Burgess Gardner & The Soul Crusaders - "Think About It" (1970) — R.I.P. Burgess Gardner, trumpeter

The Wailers - "Dancing Shoes" (1966) — R.I.P. Bunny Wailer, co-founder, musician and vocalist

Amedeo Tommasi - "Cancro" (1970) — R.I.P. Amedeo Tommasi, Italian pianist and composer

Kool & The Gang - "Give It Up" (1970) — R.I.P. Dennis 'D.T.' Thomas, saxophonist and co-founder

James Brown and The Famous Flames - "Licking Stick (Part 1)" (1968) — R.I.P. Pee Wee Ellis, saxophonist, composer, bandleader and arranger

James Carr - "Love Attack" (1966) — R.I.P. Quinton Claunch, musician, songwriter, producer and record label owner

The Ambassadors - "I Really Love You" (1969) — R.I.P. Sam Reed, saxophonist

Lonnie Smith - "Seesaw" (1969) — R.I.P. Dr Lonnie Smith, keyboardist and record label owner

Omega Redstar - "Egy Lány Nem Ment Haza" (1968) — R.I.P. János Kóbor, Hungarian co-founder and frontman

Cuby & the Blizzards - "Stumble And Fall" (1965) — R.I.P. Hans Kinds, Dutch guitarist

Vanilla Fudge - "You Keep Me Hanging On" (1967) — R.I.P. Tim Bogert, bass player

The Monkees - "Goin' Down" (1967) — R.I.P. Michael Nesmith, musician, songwriter, actor, producer

Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys - "Test Driver" (1966) — R.I.P. Takeshi Terauchi, Japanese guitarist

Carol Fran - "You Can't Stop Me" (1965) — R.I.P. Carol Fran (aka Carol Martin), singer, guitarist, songwriter

James & Bobby Purify - "We're Finally Gonna Make It" (1968) — R.I.P. James Purify, singer

The Five Stairsteps & Cubie - "You Make Me So Mad" (1968) — R.I.P. James Burke, singer

The Soul Finders - "Every Day I Have The Blues" (1968) — R.I.P. Ethel Gabriel, record producer and music executive

Little Stanley And The 5 Brooks (Soul Inc.) - "The P.W." (196?) — R.I.P. Stanley Lippitt (aka Little Stanley), singer and songwriter

Amedeo Tommasi - "Ariete" (1970) — R.I.P. Amedeo Tommasi, Italian pianist and composer

Roy Gaines - "Skippy Is A Sissy (If This Ain't Love)" (1958) — R.I.P. Roy Gaines, guitarist

Dino, Desi & Billy - "The Rebel Kind" (1965) — R.I.P. Billy Hinsche, singer and musician

The Astronauts - "Banzai Pipeline" (1963) — R.I.P. Jim Gallagher, drummer

The Everly Brothers - "Don't Run And Hide" (1966) — R.I.P. Don Everly, singer

Mike Finnigan & The Serfs - "Bread & Water" (1964) — R.I.P. Mike Finnigan, keyboardist and vocalist

Lonnie Smith - "Son Of Ice Bag" (1969) — R.I.P. Dr Lonnie Smith, keyboardist and record label owner

Spike Jones and His City Slickers - "Happy New Year" (1948) — R.I.P. Joe Siracusa, drummer

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