Taking this cutie out for a spin...

Taking this cutie out for a spin for a special #mashedpotatotime 45 set at @covetmarkets today! Hear me provide the tunes as you shop from 12-2pm via the @lumpenradio booth 🎶 #covetmarket #locallove #shopsmall https://www.instagram.com/p/BoEig3SAzfz/

Mashed Potato Time: 1968 Edition, on Lumpen Radio

Billy Clark & The Maskman - "Soul Party, Pt. 1" (1968) Margie Hendrix - "Don't Destroy Me" (1968) The Capitols - "Afro Twist" (1968) Maurice & Mac - "You Left The Water Running" (1968) Carla Thomas - "A Dime A Dozen" (1968) The Unifics - "Which One Should I Choose" (1968) Joe Arnold - "Cooking Gear" (1968) Betty Harris - "Show It" (1968) The Credibility Gap - "Comin' Into My Own" (1968) The James Boys - "The Mule" (1968) Darryl Carter - "L - O - V - E" (1968) Les Lutins - "C'est Toi Ma Princesse" (1968) The Expressions - "One More Night" (1968) Sir Lattimore Brown - "Otis Is Gone (Part 1)" (1968) The Sandpebbles - "Soul Keeps Rolling Along" (1968) The Fantastic Four - "Win Or Lose" (1968) Th

The #1968 edition of #mashedpotatotime

The #1968 edition of #mashedpotatotime starts now on @lumpenradio ! As part of @coprosperitysphere #1968+50 series 🗣 https://www.instagram.com/p/BnrLzXAnQOw/

When even the policemen who walk by are grinning...

When even the policemen who walk by are grinning ear to ear, you know you’re spinning some truly feel-good jams. Just another #mashedpotatotime at the @lumpenradio bus stop at @renegadecraft ⚡️ If you missed it, catch me at @mariasbar this Wed 9/12! https://www.instagram.com/p/BnhtvxQAV-M/

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