Mashed Potato Time on Lumpen Radio

Candy And The Kisses - "The 81" (1963) Wade Flemons - "Woops Now" (1960) The Flirtations - "Nothing But A Heartache " (1969) Prince Conley - "I'm Going Home" (1961) James Carr - "She's Better Than You " (1965) The Swinging Tigers - "Snake Walk (Part I)" (1959) The Unifics - "Which One Should I Choose" (1968) The New Apocalypse - "Stainless Soul " (1969) The Tonettes - "No Tears" (1962) The Fugitives - "Goldenrod" (1961?) The Fender IV - "Everybody Up" (1965) Carole King - "Crying In The Rain" (1962) The Chiffons - "I'm Gonna Dry My Eyes" (1963) Jimmy Norman - "I Don't Love You No More" (1962) The Us Four - "The Alligator" (1967) The Changing Times - "La Do Da Da" (1966?) The Sherrys - "I've


Yesterday my favorite neighborhood tailor/cleaner told me that this weekend marks the 44th anniversary of her arrival to Chicago from Poland. Today I spin these Polish rock pioneers & tip my hat to her. Listen on @lumpenradio for #mashedpotatotime 12-2pm #allarewelcome 💛

Mashed Potato Time on Lumpen Radio

Little Jimmy Ray - "You Need To Fall In Love" (1959) Small Faces - "Itchycoo Park" (1967) Tuesday Weld - "Are You The Boy?" (1962) The Endd - "Out of My Hands" (1966) Chubby Checker - "The Strand " (1960) The Vulcanes - "Liverpool" (1964) Billy Stewart - "Tell Me The Truth" (1968) The Animated Egg - "Sock It My Way" (1968) Letta Mbulu - "Kukuchi" (1968) The Strawberry Alarm Clock - "Incense And Peppermints" (1967) Cucumber - "Under" (1968) Moorpark Intersection - "Yesterday Holds On" (1968) Ray Charles - "Careless Love" (1962) Marie Knight - "Hey Tell Me Boy" (1963?) David Axelrod - "Holy Thursday" (1968) Clara Ward - "Dead End Street" (1969) The Ceyleib People - "Ceyladd Beyta" (1968) Doug

Because we always need more #davidaxelrod

Because we always need more #davidaxelrod to grace our ears. Spinning lots of his work today on #mashedpotatotime on @lumpenradio NOW till 2pm. // 105.5FM ✨📻

Paying tribute to a legend

Paying tribute to a legend, the late David Axelrod today 12-3pm on #CHIRPradio RIP #davidaxelrod

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